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NameAndrews, William F.
BranchU.S. Air Force
Current StatusRetired
SquadronCS 27
Home TownWaterloo
Home StateNY
High SchoolWaterloo High School
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy ExperiencesDean's List - 6 semesters, Comm's list - 1 semester, Nav Club ¶President 1979. Flight commander.
Academic Degree MajorUSAFA - BS - Military History; ¶University of Alabama - 1993 - MA History
Active Duty Assignments Before Capture1980,Pilot Training, Columbus AFB; ¶1981, T-37 Instructor Pilot, Columbus AFB; ¶1985,EF-111 Instructor Pilot, Mt Home AFB; ¶1989, F-16C Pilot Hahn ABGW; ¶1990, Desert Storm F-16 Mission Commander
Capture ConflictIraqi Freedom
Combat InformationF-16C Pilot assigned to 363rd TFW (Deployed) from 10 TFSq Hahn ¶ABGW. On his 35th mission on next to last day of Gulf War.
Capture MissionLeading a 4-ship formation in attacking Iraqi ground troops when ¶struck by IR guided surface-air missile. Broke leg in two places ¶when ejected. As he floated down in parachute troops poured out ¶of bunkers to capture him and others tried to shoot him. After ¶capture was initially treated by soldiers fairly well who helped him ¶fashion leg splints from pieces of bamboo. Eventually transferred ¶to Baghdad and into the hands of Iraquis who were far less ¶pleasant. Dduring one daylong interrogation he was blindfolded ¶and tied to a chair where his captors repeatedly beat him and poked ¶at injured leg.
MIA Information and DatesInitially placed in "Whereabouts-Unknown": status from 27 Feb - 6 ¶Mar, subsequently changed to MIA status and further caterogized as ¶POW.
Capture Date2/27/1991
POW Locations and DatesFinal location Baghdad
Release Date3/6/1991
Rank at CaptureCapt
Rank at ReleaseCapt
Military and Civilian Jobs after Release1991, F-16 Instructor Pilot, Luke AFB; ¶1993, Student ACSC, Maxwell AFB; ¶1994, Student, SAAS, Maxwell AFB; ¶1996, Cmdr, Action Group ACC; ¶1997, Cmdr 389 FS, Mountain Home AFB; ¶2000, Cmdr 366 Ops Gap, Mountain Home AFB; ¶2002, J8 JCFS; ¶2004, Instructor National War College;
Burial SiteUSAF Academy DoD 8 June, 2015
Aeronautical Speciality RatingPilot
Notable Military & Civilian Decorations & Awards1991 Jabara Award, ¶Air Force Cross, LOM, 2-DFC, PH, Bronze Star, 4-MSM, 6-AM, 3-¶AFCM, AFAM, POW Medal
CommentsSubsequently flew in Southern Watch and Enduring Freedom, ¶Retired as AF Colonel, 6/1/2010
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