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NameSweet, Robert J.
BranchU.S. Air Force
Current StatusRetired
SquadronCS 34
Home TownPhiladelphia
Home StatePA
High School
High School Activities
Post High School
Academy Experiences
Academic Degree Major1988 - BS Electrical Engineering - USAFA
Active Duty Assignments Before CapturePilot Training, Columbus AFB,¶USAF Fighter Weapons School, ¶Pilot, A-10, 353 TFSq, Myrtle Beach AFB
Capture ConflictDesert Storm
Combat InformationA-10 pilot, 354 TFW from Myrtle Beach AFB.¶Earlier in the day of the mission and A-10 limped home with 300+ ¶holes in the tail area from an SA-13 fired by gunners SW of the Area ¶Phillis (flight lead) and Sweet (wingman) were going
Capture MissionCrossed Kuwaiti northern border around 1500 to attack Madinah ¶Republican Guards Division 75 nm North. Dropped cluster bombs ¶on tanks and trucks and then made a strafing pass with 30 mm ¶gun. Sweet hit by hand-held SA-13 Gopher SAM blowing off right ¶wing aileron and flap. Aircraft on fire and after 90 seconds went ¶out of control. Sweet ejected at 6,000 feet. In chute for several ¶minutes with Iraqi's firing at him. Landed 30 yards from T-72 tank ¶that was one of his targets. Beaten, broke an eardrum, and roughed ¶up until officers arrived and taken to POW camp.
MIA Information and DatesWas carried as MIA for the entire period of 2/15-3/6. However ¶upon release status for the entire period was changed to POW.
Capture Date2/15/1991
POW Locations and DatesApparently held in an intelligence complex at Basra
Release Date3/6/1991
Rank at Capture1st Lt
Rank at Release1st Lt
Military and Civilian Jobs after ReleasePilot - 90-92 - 355 TFS Myrtle Beach AFB,¶Pilot - 92-93 - Osan AB SK,¶Pilot - 93-97 - Pope AFB,¶Pilot - 97-02 - Randolph AFB,¶Pilot - 02-04 - Moody AFB
Burial SiteN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingPilot
Notable Military & Civilian Decorations & AwardsPurple Heart, 4 Air Medals, 5 Aerial Achiement Medals, 3 AFCM, 1 ¶ArAM
CommentsRetired as Air Force Lt Col 1/1/2010
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