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NameNeuens,Martin J.
BranchU.S. Air Force
Current StatusRetired
SquadronCS 24
Home TownAurora
Home StateWI
High SchoolKingfiord High School,, Kingford, MI.
High School ActivitiesFootball, Basketball, Track, NatlHonorSoc, AmerLegionAward, BoyScouts, ClassPresident, MagazineStaff
Post High SchoolNone
Academy ExperiencesSkiTeam, Ski Club,Aero Club,Gun Club, Aquatics, Dean's List(3)
Academic Degree MajorBS-EngrSci USAF Academy1964¶MBA-NrthnCOUniv-1980¶NavyWC(R) 1977¶AirWC(S) 1984
Active Duty Assignments Before CapturePltTng,ReeseAFB,TX. PltF-105,4523rdCCTSq,NellisAFB,NV, PltF-105,333rdTFSq,TakhliAB,Thai
Capture ConflictVietnam
Combat InformationSEA Tour Commenced 18 June,1966
Capture MissionF-105 apparently struck by hostile fire and burst into flamesPilot was seen to eject with good parachute - no beeper heard. He was seen to land in a rice paddy, but no voice contact on the ground
MIA Information and DatesReoorted MIA on 12 August,1966¶Changed to Captured on 2 August,1969
Capture Date8/12/1966
POW Locations and DatesVarious locations in and around Hanoi,NVN
Release Date3/4/1973
Rank at Capture1st Lt
Rank at ReleaseCapt
Military and Civilian Jobs after ReleaseConvalesentCntr,W-PAttAFB,OH, Plt/AsstOpsOff.257thTFSq,Davis-MonthanAFB,AZ, StuNavalWC, FAC 23rdTASSq/WGtngOff,¶602ndTAIRCWg/BriefTeam,12thAF,BergatromAFB,TX, StuNrthrnColUniv,ChIRtoGND Br/DptyChTacSysDiv, AFOTEC,KirtlandAFB,NM,Cmdr,336othTechTGp,Chanute AFB,IN,ProfAeroSpaceStu,AFROTC,Det155,Univ of Miami.
Burial SiteN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingCommand Pilot
Notable Military & Civilian Decorations & AwardsSS,LM(2),DFC(2),BS,PH(2),AM(3)
CommentsRetired As Colonel 31 July,1990
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