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NameJohnson, Kenneth R.
BranchU.S. Air Force
Current StatusRetired
SquadronCS 01
Home TownMinneapolis
Home StateMN
High SchoolRoosevelt High School, Minneapolis, MN.
High School ActivitiesHi-Y Club,Band=Orch, CAP, Drama Club
Post High SchoolAir Natl.Guard 1955-57, Univ of Minn 1 year
Academy ExperiencesSki Club, Model Eng Club, Dance Band, Soaring Club, Aero Club, Flt Cmdr, Adjutant
Academic Degree MajorBS-Unspec USAFA 1961¶SOS(c), ACSC(C), ICAF(C)Ch OpsPlnsDiv 23TFWg, Spangdahlem AB Ger, Ch OpsPlnsDiv 52TFWg,¶Lakenheath AB, UK. Stu 3483 SchSq Presidio Monterey, CA, AsstCh.USMILnO Tunisia, Cmdr,Det5TAIRW, Ft.Campbell,KY.
Active Duty Assignments Before CapturePlt Tng, Moody AFB, GA. Plt. 494th TFSq Lakenheath AB, Grt Brit,Plt 510th TFSQ.Bien Hoa AB, S.Vietnam, ALO 82nd AbnDiv Ft. Bragg NC,Inst Plt.425th TTSq,Williams AFB, AZ, Plt 555TFSq Udorn AB Thai
Capture ConflictVietnam
Combat InformationFirst SEA Toour ¶Second SEA Tour Commenced 29 Aug,1971
Capture MissionOn 18 Dec, 1971, Maj. Johnson's F-4D became disabled over North Vietnam for unknown causes, Both pilot and navigator ejected. Two good chutes were seen and voice contact established with Johnson on the ground
MIA Information and DatesInformation received on 21 Dec, 1971 that Johnson had been captured
Capture Date12/21/1971
POW Locations and Datesvarious locations in North Vietnam
Release Date3/14/1973
Rank at CaptureMaj
Rank at ReleaseMaj
Military and Civilian Jobs after ReleasePlt, Inst Plt, OPs Off (F-104G) 69th TFTSq Luke AFB, AZ, Dir Intl Mktng Boeing Vertol Co. Philadelphia PA,MgrDevProj Boeing Mil Act Co, Wichita, KS, ExDir Amr Bonanza Society, Wichita KS, Mgr SpecProjYingling Acft, Wichita KS, Inst FltSafety Corp, Wichita, KS, Inst FLt Exmr, FAA, Wichita KS,
Burial SiteN/A
Aeronautical Speciality RatingCommand Pilot
Notable Military & Civilian Decorations & AwardsSS, DFC(2),BS(2),MSM(2)AM(15),AFCM(2) PH(2)ACM(1)
CommentsRet LtCol. 1 Feb, 1985
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