The funds for this project are being raised by the USAFA Endowment. They come from several classes and individuals.


In early 2012 a team of two USAFA graduates immersed themselves in the painstaking work of creating an interactive database of information pertaining to graduates who had been prisoners of war. As part of a multi-year heritage project supported by The Friends of The Academy Library, this effort reflects The Friends commitment to being a premiere Academy organization in recording and preserving the heritage of the Air Force Academy. The projectís continuing goal is to assemble all the available material dealing with the adult lives of these Air Force Academy graduates and any future graduates who become POWs.

Currently a total of 36 graduates have been held as POWs, 32 in Vietnam and 4 in Desert Storm. Previously there was no central location for information about these graduates nor was much of the existing information readily accessible. Relying on exceptional cooperation from the staffs of the Academyís Association of Graduates and the McDermott Library Clark Special Collections Branch to make the project a reality, the team has collected, scanned, electronically filed and indexed hundreds of pages of written and photographic documentation thus far. A listing by name, along with extensive background data on each individual, can be accessed by clicking here.

The team has established procedures for updating these files as more information on Academy POWs is acquired from additional sources and adding files if other graduates become POWs. If you have any information you wish the team to consider for inclusion in this data base, you may contact the team by email at The Friends: Contact Us Form

We encourage you to enjoy the fruits of this historic project. The Friends believe this project will have a lasting impact for decades to come - indeed as long as the Academy exists. Visit the list.